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Apparel Industry Analysis:
The next 5 years, the public entrepreneurship, innovation and many entrepreneurship tide, has brought a large number of all types of custom wear business needs: According to the "Research Report on Mobile Internet +" China Shuangchuang Ecological Research "released by Ali Research Institute in July 2015, the startup industry in China is rapidly warming with the rise of mobile internet. In 2014, the number of startups reached a new high, with more than 3,200 start-up companies. In 2015, the entrepreneurial army guided by 'public entrepreneurship and universal innovation' is the largest wave of entrepreneurship since the founding of China. The emergence of large quantities of new businesses, bring custom clothing industry is a huge market demand and development opportunities.

  branded advantages:
Channel development: From the company founded so far, has been committed to the development of all types of apparel market custom, radiation throughout all over the world, with a mature channel development and maintenance system.
Brand operation: set up a special brand center. Focus on the operation of the brand, practice service standardization, professional management, management of standardized management

Product advantages:
Product Development: The company has a professional clothing R & D team, average monthly research and development capacity of 100 models.
Production capacity: 10,000 square garment production base, garment processing factories, with an annual output value of 400 million yuan.
Quality Assurance: Each product is equipped with professional quality control division, all products through the relevant authoritative quality management system certification, to ensure product quality is stable and reliable.
Cost Control: With a number of brands of raw materials suppliers to reach long-term strategic cooperation, to ensure the quality and cheap raw materials and cost advantages.

service advantage:

Quick Response: One-to-one regional manager is equipped nationwide to timely assist and provide cooperation products and after-sales service.
Market protection: Quotation system is clear, in competition with the actual product, to help partners bid for the standard.
Quick Customization: According to customer demand, quickly provide customers with customized products.

Joining process:
01 to join the consultation:
Join Hotline:
You can through Li Tao website or business phone related queries

02, negotiate inspection:
Professional senior account manager to visit Li Taotao headquarters, and channel operators, in-depth understanding of investment policies

03, qualification review
Intention Franchisee Fill in the relevant information sent to Li Tao headquarters, the headquarters will be based on the specific investment policy review

04, sign the contract
Under the premise of equality and voluntariness of both parties, sign the contract of joining the merchants

05, identity verification:
Signed the contract and signed the contract authorized agent hands, agents confirmed identity

06, follow-up support:
During the preparatory stage, Li Tao will provide sales training, marketing programs, operation and management training, customer resource sharing and other support