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Service Support

 Return commitments
1, clothing from the date of sale within 7 days, as long as the goods do not affect the sale again, by ticket to be returned
2, clothing returned, the price of goods is raised, according to the original price of goods, the price cut, according to the current price
3, the following conditions will not be returned
① clothing by cutting, washing, artificial demolition or cracked
② clothes sold have been marked "handling products
③ more than returned or no sales notes
Free repair is not returned
1, clothing line, free repair
2, clothing wrinkles, free ironing
3, sweaters small area of the ball, off the needle, open line free repair
No maintenance
1, clothing style change
2, clothing decoration buckles, buttons and other damage due to wearing or lost;
3, zipper due to improper wear or damage themselves;
4, cotton fabric clothing fade, shrink, pilling
5, self-cleaning, improper ironing caused by clothing lining cracking
Free service items
After the sale of clothing, free cut, free lock edge, free ironing