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Apparel factory cut should pay attention to the matter

Add Date: 2018-1-18    Views: 35

Garment factory clothes before starting production, have to go through a major step is to cut according to the pattern, the size of the crop is precise related to the back of the entire clothes production process, the following describes the basic knowledge of cutting. The quality of a piece of clothing from the beginning of the decision by cutting, in order to obtain well-made clothing, should be based on different fabrics using different methods for cutting, such as knitting, fur and other special fabrics, they must follow their own Regulations to carry out. In general, when cutting should pay attention to the following points:

(1) the first discharge should be to avoid the fabric defects, so we must pay attention to clothing before and after selection of films, sleeves, pockets and other parts for defects, in order to avoid wearing the embarrassment
(2) Cutting should pay attention to the phenomenon of fabric color, to prevent the same piece of clothing appear uneven dyeing, the overall non-uniform. At the same time, but also pay attention to the smoothness of the fabric silk and clothing silk 绺 direction is the same. Fleece fabrics (such as the common velvet, velvet, corduroy, etc. must not be poured cis discharge, otherwise it will affect the depth of color clothing.
This requires us to select the garment size must first observe the overall condition of clothing, with particular attention to the overall coordination of color.
For the commonly used strip fabric, cutting the same requirements to follow the principle of alignment. In order to do in the clothing before and after the film, sleeve, collar, pockets and other parts of the bar can be better aligned so that the clothing can be neat in appearance, generous and decent.