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Suit wearing ceremonial norms

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Suit is men's suits, dresses. In most social events, men wear suits. Suit can be divided into working suit, formal occasions suit, casual suit and so on, for the average person, the same suit fitted with different shirts, ties, almost daily wear and deal with most of the communicative activities. Among the various categories of clothing, men wear the most attention to suits, therefore, the following highlights the common sense in this area. The first suit style and occasion. Now men often wear suits have two categories, one is the flat collar, rounded hem single-breasted suit; the other: the gun collar collar, the square corner hem double-breasted suit. In addition there are suits suits (suits) and single upload (Jane) difference. Set requirements on the loading and unloading fabric, color, this two-piece suit plus the same color with the 'heart (vest) to become a three-piece suit. Suit as a formal occasion to use formal occasions, the tone should be compared; it is best to use wool production. In semi-formal social occasions, such as attending a general meeting in the office, wears a lighter suit. In informal occasions, such as travel, shopping, etc., such as wearing a suit, it is best to wear a single coat, with its pants and fabric colors. The second suit wear essentials. Wear double-breasted suit generally buttons should be buckled. Wear a single-breasted suit, as the two deduction buckle only one, three buckle buckle the middle one. In some informal occasions, do not button deduction. Wearing a suit shirt cufflinks must be buckled. There is usually a buttonhole on the collar of a suit, which is called flower arrangement. It is used to engage in weddings, funerals or attend a grand banquet. Flowers are often used in ceremonies. In China, people generally do not have this habit. Western pocket and pants pocket, should not put too many things, it is best to put things in the bag on both sides of the left and right sides. There is a pocket outside the left chest, which is used to insert a handkerchief.