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Find online garment factory how to prevent fraud

Add Date: 2018-1-18    Views: 72

Regardless of the QQ group, the forum community, to see the most postings is everyone on the network cheated complaint.Many friends I contacted, when it comes to cooperation, whether it is payment methods, or the quality of the product, are very Worried about the fear of fighting the money, do not ship, or received the goods, the goods are not on the version, the quality is too far away. All kinds of worries, in a word, is afraid of being cheated! In fact, network transactions are not so complicated, Simple, as long as we all pay attention to observation and analysis, liar's tail is obviously out ...
Today, I wrote this anti-fraud tips article based on my experience in online sales over the past few years, hoping to help some newbies ready for online sales and intends to find suppliers from the network of physical stores, are also welcome Experienced predecessors can make better suggestions:
1, see from the site garment factory is formal.
 For example, the hair ads claim to be their own wholesaler, is the factory supply, but not even a regular website, but by a general web album to display products, a look that is personally engage. Although the site does not explain all, but if it is through the network marketing model to expand the market enterprises, not even a website are not willing to invest .... General a more formal website, the URL is composed of international domain names, you need to buy Domain names and space, but also to find a network company production, requires a lot of costs, and the site is made quite beautiful, so that the network liar will not spend big costs and energy in it. One is afraid of outweighs the other, the second is like playing guerrillas, cheating a count, do not need any cost.
I see many online sales of clothing Web site, Netease album, propaganda that they are wholesalers, garment factories, but the contact only leave a cell phone and QQ number, not even a fixed phone, often a network of liar in order to be afraid Recognized identity, many only dare to stay a QQ or cell phone number, because these are linked with the identity of the convenience of fraud to play guerrilla cheating, but also can replace the number at any time for the next deception. In fact, as long as people with basic common sense know that a trading company, a garment factory, or a wholesaler in a physical store usually has a fixed telephone number, and even if there is no fixed telephone number, there will be a fixed address. If the other side explained that for various reasons there is no fixed-line telephone, you can tentatively put forward ready to see the goods, ask each other to give you a fixed address, then the other side or for all reasons refuse to go home to see the goods, you can be 100% certain There is a problem. A regular company or wholesaler can not even have a warehouse.
2, do not greedy cheaper.
 A lot of friends and customer service consulting, the most talked about is the product is too expensive, ask will become a proxy after the greater discount. In fact, regular companies and suppliers, product pricing are very standardized, the profit is very low, relying on the amount of running, so you mentioned the discount, it is difficult for you to give in, and this is normal. Liar generally do not have the patience, 3 under 2, agreed, the price concessions to give you what discount discount, in fact, are using the public petty psychology, lead you to the hook, I hope you hit a little faster. We have to understand that you pay for goods, businesses are for profit, if the profit is easy to agree to give you concessions, then you have to be careful.
3, check whether there are bad records.
 A formal business company, the Internet should be able to search out the very relevant information. For example: try to search for keywords in Baidu, such as company name, website name, customer service QQ number, phone number, landline, there is no bad record, if anyone deceived, then some businesses will post complaints in the forum community By, to see how many businesses were cheated.
From the above points can basically be seen whether a supplier exists, this time is the gap between the physical and the layout, if you really want to do his goods, you can first batch of a few samples back to see Look at the quality, and then consider whether to gradually increase the purchase amount.
The most direct and easiest way is to use Alipay transactions